Wargames Association of Reading W.A.R. (UK)

Team W.A.R, surprisingly, are all members of the Wargames Association of Reading.

We've been playing SBG at the club for over 15 years and are happy to be keeping the hobby alive!

We regularly run meets and events locally and invite all to visit and get involved!

For 2016 we had Steve Blunden,  David Browne, Ben Clewer, David Clubley, James Clubley, Bradley Cottington and Joseph Harley represent our club.

We hope to be back again for 2017 with another group of WARriors!

The Osgiliath Veterans - Team Greece (Greece)

East Anglia Hobbit Community (EAHC) - UK

The East Anglia Hobbit Community consists of a group of gamers from all over the East of England, all different ages and all with different levels of experience, from those who are just starting out with SBG, to those who have been playing for many years.
The Community hosts meetings on a regular basis, playing a variety of games, from Battle Companies all the way up to massive multiplayer battles.
2016 was a special year for the Community, as it hosted its first ever GBHL event (hopefully the first of many!), and also reached the milestone of 100 members, rounding off the year with an epic, 7 hour long, 8 player Pelennor Fields battle!
Team East Anglia at Ardacon 2016 consisted of Joshua Triffitt, Dave Nolan, Hector Bloggs, Loki Skovstrom, Tanya Teeboon, Dan Reah, James Richardson and James Willson. Finishing in a respectable 12th place, Team East Anglia is looking to do even better in 2017!

Meet some of the teams from not just around the United Kingdom, but around the world who competed at the Ardacon WTC in 2016.

Team Scotland (Scotland)

The Wanderers In The Wild (UK)

An alliance forged in the fires of the GBHL, the Wanderers in the Wild is a company of outcasts and miscreants from England and beyond. Awoken from the ashes of slumber, with the sole mission of providing worthy competition to the greatest assembly of SBG teams ever assembled, the Wanderers in the Wild marched to war and glory on the battlefield of Ardacon SBG International. This brotherhood of SBG veteran and new-comer alike, united by bonds of fellowship (and a love of the Professor's finest poems) included the following members in its 2016 team: Damian O'Byrne, Thomas Harrison, Adam Troke, Mark Stone, Harry Moore, Will Champion, Callum Edens and Jamie Giblin. Last year the Wanderers in the Wild claimed 3rd place in the Ardacon International Team Championships, and already they are preparing to improve upon their placing. But win or lose, each member knows that not all those who wander are lost. In 2017, they intend to ensure that the crownless shall indeed be king!

Team Notts/Team Shotts (UK)

Late within the year of 2016, the realm of Manchester beckoned for the mightiest collection of warriors and gamers to descend upon its halls; to do battle in the grand tournament of Ardacon. From the fair city of Nottingham UK, the great alliance of Team Notts was formed; mustering their finest warriors to compete for glory. Clad in green and gold, Team Notts marched forth; yet it would be upon the fields of Ardacon that their fates would be decided.

After a valiant effort in 2016, claiming second place in the World Team Championships, in 2017 Team Notts will once more ride for ruin and the world’s ending in search of gold.

Team Notts members 2016 from left to right:
(Top) Steve Keane, David Whitaker, Edward Ball, Dan Huckvale, Samuel Jeffery, Daniel Entwisle
(Bottom) Jay Clare, Ryan Hinch, James Long, Tom Pickard, James Braund

Team Ireland/Foireann na hEireann (Ireland)

Team Ireland/Foireann na hÉireann consisted mostly of (in a very unsurprising twist) SBG players mustered from across Ireland and the Irish Hobbit League, as well as 1 or 2 recruits from nearby Britain. These green blooded warriors gladly answered Ireland's call to arms. Crossing the Irish Sea towards Manchester, they eagerly readied themselves to face the rest of the world on the battlefields of Middle-Earth at Ardacon. So numerous were the Gaelic warriors of Hibernia that they had to divide their forces into 2 teams. Team One, made up of Gary Doyle, David Murphy, Luke O'Reilly, Kurt Leech and Stephen Tennyson, would be the competitive team and would have a go at it in the World Team Championships. And Team Two, made up of Patrick McCormick, Anne-Marie Tennyson, Dave Shirra, Eoin Fitzpatrick and Ben Pearson, would be the players who just wanted to have fun and craic (and hopefully in the process aid their Team 1 comrades). Team One in the end finished in 8th place out of 25 teams. The Irish hope to return to Ardacon again in 2017 and achieve greater glory. #ErinGoBragh


Gilda Adriatica - Team Italy (Italy)

Team Denmark (Denmark)

The Rotterdam White Scars (The Netherlands)

Actions speak louder than words, the motto of the city of Rotterdam and words to live by as Rotterdam White Scars.

Our journey began as a quest to counter the fanatical gaming attitude by bringing Tolkien with us in our armies. Hobby fun, narrative gaming and sociability are the things we seek as a community.

For the next Ardacon we are honoured to defend our titles as world champion Chaos in Arda, best Kingdom of Men player and three out of seven painting victories.

"And its object is Art not power, ..." J.R.R. Tolkien, Silmarillion.